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Meet the brands: Dalston's

Dalston's in East LondonDalston's in East London

“Dalston’s goes back to basics, putting real fruit at the heart of drinks with no added nasties”

Dalston’s was started by Duncan O’Brien in 2012 in an East London nightclub. Formely a chef on the Orient Express, he began blending, mashing and infusing the first drinks by hand using ingredients sourced from local markets.

Staying true to their roots, the soda making process and the integrity of the liquids they use, all the recipes they use are developed in-house. As a part of this process they have been on a charge to reduce sugar from their liquids, whilst maintaining the complexity of the flavour. Their drinks now contain only real fruit, nothing weird and no nasties (refined sugar).

Daston's real fruit and soda cans

After taking the soft soda industry by storm in 2020 the brand set its sights on creating the best hard seltzers on the market. Using the same ethos, adding vodka, sparkling water and real fruit they have created an alcoholic drink that contains no nasties, are low in calories and vegan friendly.

Alongside the incredible drinks, Dalston’s is also commited to it’s suppliers and the planet, working to get as much of their ingredients from the British country side. They are obsessed with the quality of the ingredients that go into making their drinks.

There’s also a commitment to reducing the use of plastic, valuing long-term direct relationships with suppliers to keep the supply chain as short as possible and to keep down their carbon footprint, values that we share here at ta.

Dalston's cocktails

If all that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find a selection of cocktail recipes over on their blog (, a way to twist their real fruit juice soft drinks into something a little bit different at home. Now we’ll drink to that!

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