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Meet the brands: East London Liquor Company

Inside East London Liquors DistilleryInside East London Liquors Distillery

“Producing great drinks that won't leave you struggling to see out the month”

East London Liquor Co. landed in the heart of London’s East End 6 years ago. A beautiful location amongst the canals and warehouses of Bow. near to Victoria Park.

The soul of the East End runs through the distillery, the team and the products. Proud to represent honesty, grit, hard work and transparency.

East London Liquor Co. had noticed, like many of us that some gins, rums and vodkas cost the earth. For them, from day one, they set out to produce great drinks that wouldn’t leave you struggling to see out the month.


Images from East London Liquor Company

But that doesn’t mean that they cut corners. All their gin, vodka & whisky is distilled behind the bar in bow - and they import the best rums that they can get their hands on!

If you fancy trying out these fine spirits then why not head to the distillery bar and restaurant? They have tours of the distillery itself, as well as cocktails made with their own booze as well as spirits from around the world...

Opening times vary - so check their website in advance and pre book to avoid disappointment.

Eas London Liquor Rum & Ginger Cans

The Gins

Classic - London Dry. With notes of Citrus & Juniper.

London Brighter Gin. Major hit of Grapefruit notes.

London Louder Gin. Oily, herbaceous and a ferocious savoury punch.

East London Kew Gin. Bright Douglas fir and fresh, floral lavender, rounded out by sweet orange peel and earthy liquorice root and fennel seed.

London Vodka, London Rum & Rarer Rum & Selection of Whiskies.

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