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Meet the brands: Sipful

Sipful cocktail cans on the beachSipful cocktail cans on the beach

“Organic vegan canned cocktails that drink well and do good”

Like all great stories, it started with a beer! Founders Darius & Emily can often be found out in the hills of the lakes and Yorkshire dales, camping, wild swimming and hitting up as many festivals as they can.

Darius, a passionate and highly skilled brewer, always packed a bag of delicious craft beers for the adventure, but Em repeatedly experienced the dreaded beer bloat.

Sipful came to life because the hunt for an easy to drink canned alternative, that wasn’t synthetic tasting and overly sweet became impossible. Committed to buying as little glass and plastic as possible, they filled the gap for premium cocktail cans using only 100% natural fruit and flavours.

It doesn’t stop with tasty drinks. By Summer 2023, Sipful aims to put further measures in place which will result in becoming a carbon negative business. They're also on a mission to regenerate the planet and use only 100% organic fruit in all of their drinks.

It’s inspiring to see a small British business putting its supply chain at the heart of its operations. Having achieved zero waste packaging in 2021, ambitions now turn to drastically cutting steps in the supply chain, helping the environment and nurturing their people - from the farmers, in house team, right through to the customer.

The end goal? B-Corp status and knowing that by consuming a Sipful you are leaving the world in a better place than if you hadn’t.

The Cocktails

The organic bubbly wine. A canned wine with a low acidity, crisp flavour & zesty notes.

Orange Mimosa - Natural and zesty oranges mixed with bubbly wine, a true classic.

Blood Orange Mimosa - All Natural blood orange juice mixed with organic bubbly wine, a more rebellious, edgier cousin.

Peach Bellini - 100% natural peach juice mixed with organic bubbly wine, inspired by Italian getaways, sipping on bellinis in the hot Venetian sun...

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Real Orange Mimosa and Peach Bellini paired with the amazing Noisy Chickpeas snacks and Candy Kitten Palm Oil free Vegan sweets, with a personalised card so you can tell them how special they are.


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