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Our new park ready boxes

Lets get fizzical ta. boxLets get fizzical ta. box

With May bank holiday just around the corner, we take a look at our 3 new boxes that are perfect for the park...

The spring weather is finally here, and the temperature is picking up! We've introduced 3 new boxes that are perfect for the sunshine, picnics and park days. All three boxes are 100% vegan friendly, low in calories and of course contain products from the best of the best in the UK.

Interested? We thought you might be! On the drinks front we've got Sipful, a Yorkshire brand delivering cocktails in a can and Dalston's providing soft and hard seltzers, which are set to be the new big trend for this summer. These are paired with Noisy Snacks, a healthy alternative to crisps, and Candy Kittens, the premium palm oil free vegan jelly sweets. Read on for the full low down:

Sip Sip Hooray! box with Sipful cans & Noisy Chickpeas snacks

sip sip hooray!

Cocktail Box, £14.48 with ta. personalised postcard

Sipful were founded by Darius and Emily who can be found in the hills of the Lakes and Yorkshire Dales, camping, wild swimming and hitting up as many festivals as possible. Like all great stories Sipfuls' started with beer! Darius, a passionate and highly skilled brewer, would usually pack a bag of delicious craft beers for their next adventure. Now, we all love a decent beer as much as the next, but when Emily repeatedly experienced the dreaded beer bloat, they were on the hunt for an easy to drink, canned alternative. Sipful was born as the perfect answer to the problem, creating premium cocktails in a can using only 100% natural fruit flavours that aern't synthetic tasting and overly sweet, allowing you to drink (responsibly) on the go! We've got the real Orange Mimosa and the Peach Bellini in our box, some true sunshine classics, all ready for a journey to the park. The Orange Mimosa combines all natural and zesty orange juice mixed with their Organic Bubbly, and the Peach Bellini places emphasis on authenticity and balance of exceptional flavours. Did we also mention? They are all vegan friendly!

We've paired these with a bag of Noisy Chickpeas Piri Piri Mango, which are a healthy alternative to crisps. The tangy Piri Piri spirals off your tongue carrying notes of paprika, herb and lemon; and served with the sweet mercy of mango! Also included is a bag of Candy Kitten wild strawberry jelly sweat. Candy Kitten is the brainchild of Jamie Lang and these delicious sweets contain no palm oil and are vegan friendly.

Candy Kitten Sweets & Dalston's hard seltzers

lets get fizzical!

hard seltzer box, £14.48 with a ta. personalised postcard
soft seltzer box, £9.99 with a ta. personalised postcard

Dalston's started life in a nightclub in 2012 by Duncan O'Brien. Formely a chef on the Orient Express, he started the brand by blending, mashing and infusing fresh ingredients that he sourced from local markets. What really sets Dalston's apart however is that they have always stayed true to their roots: Developing recipes in-house, using real fruit and putting nothing weird in their drinks. They have complete control of the soda making process and have been specialising in reducing sugars in their drinks, whilst maintaining the complexity of the flavours since the beginning. In 2019 they launched a range of seltzers which knock the socks off other flavoured waters, and you can find the Cherry and Rhubarb in our 'happiness inside' box below. They are low in calories and contain absolutely no nasties. But that wasn't the end, as fans started mixing their range of seltzers at home with premium spirits, the brand took inspiration and decided to add a quality triple distilled pure spirit base to their own recipe. The result? An exciting range of hard seltzer that are fresh, taste amazing, low in calories and with no added sugar. These seltzers are the perfect accompaniment to a park visit with friends and family.

As with our cocktail box we've paired these with a bag of Noisy Chickpeas Piri Piri Mango, and Candy Kitten jelly sweets.

happiness inside box, with Dalston soft seltzer cans and Propercorn popcorn and Candy Kittens

happiness inside!

soft drink box, £9.99 with a ta. personalised postcard

Our 'happiness inside' box was created specifically with the little people in mind. There's no reason why they can't enjoy a ta. box on a family day out or as a surprise for a good week at school. We've already mentioned above how great the Dalston's drinks are, but incase you missed it, these soft drinks contain no nasties, no added sugar, sparkling water and real fruit mashed up to deliver the tastiest soft drink around. We've got the rhubarb and the cherry in our box.

These are paired with a bag of Candy Kitten sweets that were developed and brought to life by Jamie Lang. Jamie and Ed set about creating sweets that are big on flavour, with honest ingredients and housed in beautiful packaging. Candy Kitten was born, and since 2012, it has been on a journey and evolved into a vegan and vegetarian brand that can now be found across the UK. They are obsessed with the impact that the business has, and so in 2018 removed all animal gelatine from their sweets, and why they never use palm oil or carnauba wax in any of their products. The sweet production is also carbon neutral and they have an ambition to offset the rest of their business supply chain. So you really can now satisfy your sweet tooth craving and not feel guilty about it!

Also in the box is a bag of Propercorn popcorn which needs no introduction. We're proud to include this product, with a B-Corp status its a great tasting product whilst helping to take on environmental issues.