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Alocohol Free Spirit box and contents including Dalston's AF Free G&T, Brown Bag Crisps & Doisy & Dam Chocolate
Dalston’s alcohol free Gin & Tonic & Punchy soft punch cans
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AF spirit & mixer box

pre-order to be delivered 18-19 June 2021

Not one, but two incredible brands in our alcohol free spirit & mixer box! Dalston’s source the best ingredients they can find, blending drinks with real fruit and not adding a load of refined sugar. Our box contains their Alcohol Free Rhubarb G&T. The second can in the box comes from Punchy, producing the best soft punch drinks, creating products that are a series of delicious natural products that deliver a Punchy hit of refreshment. This box is teamed with Brown Bag crisps and a chocolate bar from Doisy & Dam.

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